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The Benefits of Rotifers in a Saltwater Aquarium

Rotifers are a bit like the unlikely hero of the reefing scene. Small, unassuming, and a little alien-looking, these bad boys are a force to be reckoned with when introduced into a reef environment. Rotifers, named after the scientific classification Rotifera, meaning “wheeled animal”, is easily recognizable in part by the unique cilia crowning their […]

Tisbe Pods vs. Tiger Pods: Which is Better?

There comes a time in every reefing hobbyist’s life when they arrive at a crossroad. Should I cultivate Tisbe Pods or Tiger Pods? It’s a question that can weigh on the mind of even the best cultivators. Luckily, the decision is an easy one if you know what you’re looking for. Both are invaluable additions […]

The Benefits of Tisbe Pods in a Saltwater Aquarium

Why Choose Tisbe Pods? The copepod market is a big one. With multiple types of live copepods for sale, what makes Tisbe Pods so great? Why should you choose a Tisbe culture over, say, an Acartia Tonsa? Tisbe Pods are the reefer’s go-to food for a reason. For one thing, they’re a superb food for […]