The Hidden Benefits of Buying Live Rotifers

brachionus-plicatilis-marine-rotifersLive Rotifers are great. We have to admit, they’re one of our favorite additions to any aquarium. Every good aquarist has cultured a colony of them before. Everybody knows how deliciously nutritious they are. Most importantly, many people know they’re an invaluable addition to any reef aquarium.

What most people don’t know is that the story goes much deeper. These marine plankton, like the well known freshwater species, are far more beneficial than simply being an easy-to-culture, calorie-rich food. In fact, here are the top benefits we bet you didn’t know about.


Rotifers Improve Digestion in Predators

Rotifers are a holistic food. They nourish your fish and other predators in more ways than one. You see, when aquarium creatures are fed a cheap diet of processed, packaged fish food, it can stress their digestive systems, leading to all sorts of problems.

Rotifers, on the other hand, are soft-shelled and extremely digestible, perfect for baby fish or other small creatures. When you give your fish easy-to-eat food like Rotifers, it gives their gut a chance to recuperate and get back to optimal function.

This is especially important when it comes to raising fish with weak and rudimentary digestive systems, like Dwarf and Baby Seahorses.


More Vibrant Reef Inhabitants

coral nutritionNobody likes a slow, unhappy fish. If you want to keep your critters glowing and happy, the first thing you should do is avoid low-quality food. The next thing you should do is incorporate Rotifers or Rotifer-fed plankton into their diet.

Rotifers on their own are rich in caloric-energy, fat, and protein in the right proportions your aquarium creatures expect. Even before being fed micronutrient rich foods, they’re macronutrient powerhouses.

Load them up on their greens (Green Phyto, to be more specific), and things really start cooking. When they eat plenty of phytoplankton, they take on the nutritional content. All those vitamins and minerals get stored in their bodies, and end up being absorbed into predators who eat them.

That’s why many people see full body improvements in their aquarium after introducing properly fed Rotifers. Everything from more vibrant colors to more energy can result from a Rotifer-supplemented diet.


Rapid Growth

2015-04-22 23.08.44As I mentioned before, Rotifers are gold mines, or, rather, fat and protein mines, of quality calories. Sea creatures thrive on diets with Rotifers in them. Hard Corals, specifically, do extremely well snacking on Rotifers.

When people don’t see the growth they were expecting in their Reef and its creatures, poor diet is often to blame. A low-energy diet won’t give them the opportunity to grow. When you feed them high-quality Rotifers, you give them enough energy to put on size with ease.

On top of that, Rotifers give them quality energy. Sure, your reef inhabitants can be grown on a diet of flours and junky foods, but that sets them up for weak immunity, poor energy, and overall lackluster performance.

A fish or coral fattened up on quality Rotifers gets much more of an edge over-processed food fed ones.


A Cleaner Tank

This is a little like the bow on the package. Not only are they amazing for your fish, but they clean your tank, too. Like most planktonic creatures, Rotifers are natural detritivores. In other words, they eat all the nasty garbage and waste that ends up floating around in the water, as a result of organic processes.

In addition to algae and algae spores, Marine Rotifers eat fish waste, sediment, organic matter, and most anything else that floats around in the water. Long story short? Less work for you. The Rotifers require less feeding, and the tanks doesn’t need as much cleaning. It’s a win-win.


A More Diverse Ecosystem

The ocean is diverse. It doesn’t just have a few species of fish, a little bit of live rock, and one type of plankton or pod floating around in it. Why should your aquarium be any different?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what many aquarists do. In the most dismal cases, aquariums can be poorly diversified, with just a few isolated species. That’s not the way to go. If you really want your aquarium to thrive, you’ll need it to be as diverse as possible.

That’s where Rotifers come in. When you introduce them into your aquarium, it adds a whole new layer of diversity, a whole new type of organism, that feeds many things in the water. As a whole, the well-being of your entire aquarium takes a boost.


Wrapping Up

Rotifers are perhaps one of the best choices for your aquarium. Not only are they hyper-nutritious, but they have a synergistic effect on your entire aquarium. Bonus: They’re easy to culture and can be purchased for just a small investment. Give them a shot.

Jett Murdock
Jett Murdock

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